Speaking, coaching, and consulting to help youand your community cultivate more resilience.

Speaking, coaching, and consulting to help you and your community cultivate more resilience.

When time is of the essence, how do you make the most of your life?

How do you decide what to do, who to become, and where to focus your energy, attention, and resources when it feels like all the 💩 is hitting the fan?

None of us chose to inherit the climate crisis with which we’re currently faced. The stakes for survival have never been higher, and many of us question our motives and those of others, fear for the future, and grapple with our life purpose.

Does it feel like you never have the time to do what you want? Do you get consumed by work, or seek fulfillment and gratification in material things? Maybe you spend too much time on screens and devices that distract you? Or perhaps you’ve developed a myopic sense of time, which can blur your life vision. Then you oscillate between living like "business as usual" and then freaking out like "we're all doomed".

Maybe you’re well connected to a big network with lots of "friends", but you still feel isolated from a truly intimate community.

Noticing is the first step.

When we come to terms with what’s happening around us, we wake up.

We find that fear of the future, the unknown, and the uncertain keeps us stuck, and hope can only get us so far. It’s courage that moves us forward. Instead of being crippled by fear or stuck in indecision, we have the opportunity to face reality and take strategic action. We can redirect fear and use it as a catalyst for survival to enables us and our communities to foster resilience, strive for equity, and prepare for the future.

We can tap into our own roots and resolve. 


My work draws from the intersection of climate and social justice, the lightness of play and the depth of healing, and in honoring the past while courageously facing the future. 

I work with individuals and groups to build resilience and courage even in times of challenge.

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Roots are values...

Compassion, Courage, Gratitude, and Levity: these are my core values. I am inspired daily by the strength and resilience of those around me and in my community. My dream is to support people in their personal growth. By holding them accountable, I help to make their dreams come true so that they can live more fulfilling lives.

But it isn’t just about me and you.

Building resilience starts with the individual but can strengthen and reinforce the larger whole.

Roots are community...

Do you want to be a part of the Roots & Resolve community?

I’m actively connecting with collaborators, partners, and like-minded individuals to build a community that resonates with the Roots & Resolve ethos.

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Roots Are Resources

Roots are resources…

Looking for tools, support, allies, and authentic wisdom to help you tap into your roots and resolve? 

Explore this list of helpful resources and communities who are already doing great work. 

Read about Alex's story and how he found his roots and resolve.

About Alex

Thank you for allowing me to share with you my personal journey and how it lead me to my roots and resolve.

My work draws from the intersection of climate and social justice, the lightness of play and the depth of healing, and in honoring the past while courageously facing the future.

Inspired by my own personal experiences of being faced with uncertainty, fear, and hopelessness, I’ve learned about what it means to cultivate courage in difficult times.

I found my roots when I learned the love of my life had three months to live.

We were faced with the cold, harsh reality that, due to a terrifying tumor, she might die sooner than we had ever imagined—three months before we were supposed to walk down the aisle.

Crises like ours can give you such unexpected clarity and perspective, and, through our hardship, we realized the value of having a community, and just how fortunate, courageous, and resilient we truly are.



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I found my resolve while witnessing the greatest climate destruction in the history of humanity.

Living on the hinge of history, as we struggle to navigate the ecological havoc on our planet, I’ve felt a sense of urgency similar to when Lauren was given only three months to live. I realize that denial won’t make it go away, and I have to do everything that I possibly can to take action from a grounded place.

Resolve is the way forward through hardship. It's moving beyond simple acceptance, and it means going forward even when you might not succeed or win. It's truly living.

To be resolved, you don't deny, resist, or evensurrender—you take action.

Cultural Heritage

My roots and resolve give me a a sense of reverence for my heritage.

I combine millennial sensibility with ancestral reverence.

I believe in the power of ancestral healing as a way to empower individuals and strengthen communities, and through this work, I’m on a mission to cultivate more resilient people, projects, and populations. As a coach and guide, I help my fellow humans navigate uncertainty with confidence, grace, and compassion.


In June 2019, I will receive both my Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and Accredited Certified Coach from the Coaches Training Institute and International Coaching Federation. Due to the esoteric nature of my ancestral work, and its roots in indigenous communities, there is no governing board or professional association for the modalities I practices. In accordance with California law SB577, I practice alternative, complementary healing arts services, for which the State does not issue licenses. 

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