Keynote speaking, workshops, and community building

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Activating Speaker

My speaking events and workshops move people to act, and my 1:1 coaching helps individuals reclaim a sense of resilience they forgot they possessed. When I work with you or your team, you can expect to: 

  • Feel grounded and empowered.

  • Identify what’s important in your life.

  • Prioritize the relationships and passions you find most fulfilling.

  • Finally, put yourself first and commit to self-care so that you have renewable, sustainable energy to serve your community and causes that matter to you.

  • Utilize technology as a tool on an as-needed basis and no longer scroll like an addict.

  • Confront, process, and integrate climate grief, so you can experience greater joy in the beauty all around you.

  • Make courage-based decisions that empower you to move forward.

  • Harness your own courage and resilience to face the future ahead.

Invite me to speak at your next event!



I love connecting with communities, and I’d be happy to facilitate a workshop or experience for your group, team, or audience!

  • Cultivating Community Resilience

  • Respecting and Harnessing Ancestral Roots

  • Getting Clean with Difficult Conversations

  • Deep Adaptation to Climate Reality

  • Storytelling for Emotional Engagement

  • Workaholism, Burn Out, and Self-Care For Those Who Serve

  • Time Management for Busy/Easily-Distracted People

  • What do you have in mind? I can customize a workshop based on your group’s particular needs and interests.

Hire me to facilitate a workshop for your community! 

Hire me to facilitate a workshop for your community!
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