Are you ready for deep, radical change?

I’m Alex, founder of Roots & Resolve.

Inspired by my own personal experiences of being faced with uncertainty, fear, and hopelessness, I’ve learned about what it means to cultivate courage in difficult times. I believe in the power of ancestral healing as a way to empower individuals and strengthen communities, and through this work, I’m on a mission to cultivate more resilient people, projects, and populations. As coach and guide, I help my fellow humans navigate uncertainty with confidence, grace, and compassion.

In today’s challenging times of uncertainty, what does it mean to have roots and resolve?

Roots are ancestors, roots are community, roots are relationships, roots are love.

Living in honor of our roots allows us to find our resolve—the courage to face insurmountable challenges, cast off self-limiting beliefs, ignore the naysayers, defy the nagging doubts, and to commit to resilient living in alignment with our values and purpose.

It means to move beyond hope into a place of resilient courage; and it’s from that place of courage that deep, radical change can happen.

Now, as coach and consultant, I help individuals and communities find courage-based solutions for a more resilient future.



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